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Fjord Cruise Hjørundfjord B2B

地址: N-6200 Ålesund 日期: 星期五 1 6月 2018 - 星期五 31 8月 2018 显示地图

地址: N-6200 Ålesund

The boat sails between Ålesund and Øye. Surrounded by the Sunnmøre Alps, the Hjørundfjord is majestic.

Here you travel through untouched nature in a dramatic, rugged, varied and historically rich fjord landscape. The fjord cruise is a picturesque transport leg in the core of the Sunnmøre Alps, between Ålesund and Øye where you have the opportunity to jump on or off in Trandal.

For disembarkation at Trandal or Urke, please advise the crew when boarding.



Date Time    
16 7月
星期一 16 7月 2018 9:00
17 7月
星期二 17 7月 2018 9:00
18 7月
星期三 18 7月 2018 9:00
19 7月
星期四 19 7月 2018 9:00


  • Phone number (Booking)
    +47 57631400
  • 价格信息
    per person