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Tour Operators & Agents

We are committed to our role as host and focus on giving visiting tour operators, travel agency staff, the media and press the best possible service and support. See our services below and register for our newsletter.

Here you can book some of Norway's most spectacular tourist attractions, such as the Flam Railway, fjord cruises in the UNESCO World Heritage landscape, as well as accommodation.


You can log on to our agent booking system here. If you do not have a login but would like to enter into a contract with Norway's best AS as a tour operator or agent, please contact our sales department

If you have not used Citybreak before we also recommend that you download our Agent user manual. You can download our Agent user manual here.pdf

Product Manual 2022

English only

Online e-magazine with interactiv dashboard, share and download.pdf

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The Arctic Train 2021.pdf


*Please note! Some timetables are marked with 'Preliminary', which means that they are due to change and are only meant as an indication of coming schedules and rates.

The Flåm Railway 2022 - Timetable.pdf

Please notice!
In the period from 10.01.2022 until 06.02.2022 the Flåm station will be closed due to upgrades. Train will run as normally from Lunden station 5 min from Flåm station. See timetable 'bus replacement for train' from Flåm station to Lunden station:

The Flåm Railway 10.01.2022 until 06.02.2022 - Timtable.pdf

The Arctic Train 2022.pdf (TBA)

Shuttle bus Flåm–Gudvangen 2022.pdf

Stegastein Viewpoint 2022.pdf

Bus Voss-Gudvangen 2022.pdf

Bus Mt. Prest 2022.pdf

Bus Aurlandsdalen Valley 2022.pdf

Flåm & Myrkdalen Bus 2022.pdf

Fjord Cruise Nærøyfjord 2022.pdf

Fjord Cruise Hardanger 2022.pdf

Fjord Cruise Lysefjord 2022.pdf

Fjord Cruise Geirangerfjord 2022.pdf

Fjord Cruise Hjørundfjord 2022.pdf

Fjord Cruise Narvik 2022.pdf

Photo Service

We maintain a digital media database from Flåm, Geiranger, Lysefjorden and other areas in which we operate. The purpose of the Norway's best photo service is to promote national and international marketing of our destinations to the press and tour operators. All images used must be credited. For example, "Photo: Norway's best/Photographer: Sverre Hjørnevik"

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