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Woman in hiking gear standing on top of mountain overlooking Lysefjord on a cloudy day
2 women in hiking gear sitting on top of mountain overlooking Lysefjord below on a cloudy day
Woman pointing at Pulpit Rock from Fjord Cruise Lysefjord in Stavanger region next to girlfriend partly cloudy summers day
Pulpit Rock viewed close to shoreline from Fjord Cruise Lysefjord 604 meters below on a cloudy day
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Fjord Cruise Lysefjord

A fjord cruise by tourist ferry on Lysefjord features spectacular natural phenomena, such as the Pulpit Rock, the Kjerag mountain, rugged scenery and dramatic rock formations. The 42-kilometre-long trip along the fjord reveals its incredible geology and glacial landscape. 

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Pulpit Rock

Lysefjord, in the municipality of Forsand, is 42 kilometres long and 422 metres deep. Sailing along the fjord on a tourist ferry, you will marvel at the Pulpit Rock, the dramatic rock plateau that stands 604 metres above the Lysefjord and ranks as one of Norway's most popular natural tourist attractions.

Wooden houses and boats between the Lysefjord and mountains covered in forest.


The charming village Flørli is only reachable by boat and the perfect place for peace, quiet and great nature adventures. Would you like to test your endurance? Hike the 4444 steps up the world’s longest wooden stair.


You will also see Kjerag on the southern side of the fjord, another mountain plateau, rising 1,100 metres above sea level. If you are lucky, you might hear the gunshot-like bang known as the "Kjerag Bang" emanating from the rock, and visit the precipitously poised Kjerag Boulder.

Two young women leaning on boat railing Fjord Cruise Lysefjord as viewing greenish sea and steep mountains
Blonde woman walking on stone beach along shoreline Lysefjord in lush green landscape on a sunny day


The fjord is brimming with waterfalls, wildlife, dramatic geology and wild scenery.


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Car package: 5 pax, incl. car up to 6 m:

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Fun facts

In November 2017, Tom Cruise was suspended from the Pulpit Rock in one of the scenes in Mission Impossible: Fallout.

Practical info

Cars and coaches can travel on the tourist car ferries, but capacity is limited, and we advise to book the vehicle space in advance.

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On board

Food & beverages

  • The  onboard café serves hot and cold drinks
  • Variety of pastries and sandwiches

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