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Aurland Shoe Workers, women, men and children outside the shoe factory in Aurland early 1930
The top part of black leather Aurland shoe is being carefully stitched by worker as daylight reveal the curves of the hide
Aurland shoe hides in different colours hanging close together from the ceiling inside the Aurland Shoe Factory.
Worker is stitching underside sole of Aurland shoe. Aurlands new logo is popping in the mini spotlight attached to sewing machine.
Display of jars filled with penny's in window frame, amongst old books and beer bottle. Old factory logo painted on mint green wall.
Historic photo of four men with moustache and serious faces in the 1930's sitting and working in the Aurland Shoe Factory.
Workers hand guiding brown Aurland shoe through advanced machine that secure hide to inner sole.
Woman precisely line up sharp steel template that stamp out shapes of the Aurland shoe. Red industrial stamp machine ready.
Not available for 2021

Aurland Shoe Économusée

Enjoy a guided tour of the penny loafer factory in Aurland town centre by the UNESCO-listed Aurland fjord. Learn about the tradition and craftsmanship of the Aurland Shoe (the original penny loafer), meet the shoemaker and learn about how the shoes are made. Combine this guided tour with your Norway fjords holiday.

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Guided Tour

Time: 12.00–13.00

Capacity: Limited to 25 persons per tour

Address: Aurlands, Odden 13, 5745 Aurland

Cultural/ Historical

The Original Penny Loafer


An Économusée is not a museum in the usual sense, but a living workshop, offering a real tourist attraction alongside the manufacture and sale of traditional products. We will show you our craft traditions and their historical context, as well as offer you the chance to purchase our products.

The legs of man in a brown suit, without socks, showcasing the brand- new brown exclusive Penny Loafer collection Aurlands outside

Best things to buy in Norway

Taking home a locally produced and authentic souvenir is a great way of remembering your dream holiday in Aurland Flam. The UNESCO heritage area offers a lot of locally produced handicraft, including a wide range of products: the Original Penny Loafer, locally produced goat cheese and cured meat, award-winning beer, glass and ceramics, authentic clothing and Viking craft, to name but a few. Take your time and look for a gem that suits you.

Aurland Shoe Factory

  • Located in the centre of Aurland
  • Économusée and factory outlet
  • Original Penny Loafer shoe
  • The new Penny Loafer shoe collection (Aurlands)
  • Exclusive women’s and men's bags, belts and other products

Flåm Store

  • Located at the Flam Visitor Center
  • Aurlands/The Original Penny Loafer (shoes, bags, belts, etc.)
  • Sustainable hand-crafted, destination-specific products made in Norway